Resources for Studying the Bible

General Resources

  • Bible Odyssey is an online resource for people interested in learning more about the Bible and biblical worlds from a scholarly perspective. Hosted by the Society for Biblical Literature, this website provides short and readable entries written by scholars.
  • Early Christian Writings offers the opportunity to explore the many writings that surround the New Testament. The site offers links to full-text translations of writings not included in the Christian canon, including other gospels, apocalyptic texts, and gnostic writings. The webpage also includes scholarly introductions to most of these writings. There is a companion page focused on Early Jewish Writings as well.
  • Religion for Breakfast is a youtube channel with short videos about various topics related to the study of religion in general. The creator, Andrew Henry, is actually a scholar of Early Christianity and the Roman era, so his videos on the Bible and Christianity are especially strong.

Books on Queer Biblical Interpretation

Many of the books on queer biblical interpretation are written for scholarly audiences. However, here are some accessible resources.

The Queer Bible Commentary, published by SCM Press, includes short articles on each text of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. The articles are written mostly by biblical scholars and reflect a range of ways of approaching the Bible; however, the articles foreground issues of importance to LGBTQ+ readers.

Published in 2000, this volume includes essays on the ways LGBTQ+ interpreters approach the Bible and essays offering interpretations of specific biblical texts and images, including the Book of Ruth, Song of Songs, the Beloved Disciple, etc.

Published in 2018, this book offers an accessible introduction to interpreting the Bible from a trans perspective. Moreover, the book weaves together biblical interpretations with insights from transgender Christians.

Part memoir and part biblical reflection, In the Margins is written by Shannon T. L. Kearns a transgender priest. Kearns’ experiences help the reader see the Bible in new and transformative ways.

Bibliography of LGBTQ+ Biblical Interpretation

Download the PDF below for a bibliography of works related to queer biblical and theological interpretation. The field is growing, so this is far from exhaustive. However, it should give you a sense of the types of work being done.

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